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An important announcement!

Coach On Deck Swimming is changing.

We would like to announce that, effectively immediately, our 5-18 swim program has become part of CUBU.
(This change does not affect any other Coach On Deck Swimming program or service.)
We thought about this for a long time before deciding that this was the correct route for us at this time.
This change expands your swimming options beyond what we were able to offer.
Our coaches will be working with CUBU.
All registrations will be processed by CUBU.

To begin the automated registration process click here: CUBU Fall 2012 Registration

For a complete list and brief description of CUBU Programs click here: CUBU Swim Team Programs
Please review all programs carefully to ensure you register your swimmer(s) in the correct program for them.

Coach Dyann would like to inform you that she will be available for private and group swim lessons.
Dyann is out of town until August 30th but requests that those interested in private and/or group lessons
contact her by email at or by phone at 301-738-1659.

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